Bible-Believing Christians: A guide to trusting the Bible and resolving apparent contradictions.

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Bible-Believing Christians: A guide to trusting the Bible and resolving apparent contradictions

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The Bible Has Errors, What Do We Do? - Christian Apologetics Alliance

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Is the Bible inerrant? Is it the Word of God? Is it even understandable?

Print this page. Anyone is free to reproduce this material and distribute it, but it may not be sold. If this is true—that there is a difference in the salvation of their audiences—are you saying none of the saved among the audiences of Peter and James were born again? Obviously that is a problem, since Peter says twice in ch 1 that they were recipients of the new birth. Thanks for your questions. Both the audiences of Peter and Paul were saved. What changed was the content of the gospel.

How was Peter saved? Read Mt. Martha—see John We are saved not by believing Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God.

What does the word "apologetics" mean?

Peter wrote to Jewish believers. See 1 Pet. James 1.

He quoted from Exodus Moses spoke these prophetic words to Jews. Paul revealed that under his gospel no distinction exists between Jew and Gentile. Both are one in Christ. Paul was the only one who wrote about the body of Christ.

The Bible Has Errors, What Do We Do?

Paul revealed this was a mystery, i. The Twelve knew nothing of it until they learned about it from Paul. The risen Christ revealed this to Paul. Jesus gave the Great Commission to Jewish believers not Gentiles. Paul revealed our commission in 2 Cor. See my article The Great Commission.

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  4. The great formal change in salvation and the ministries of Peter and Paul came in Acts Acts This is why Paul could write such a strong statement in Gal. I think it is dangerous to entertain a new message of salvation grace by faith [alone] , emanating from a man who claimed to have seen a bright light, heard a voice claiming to be the risen Christ and then claimed to have received secret revelations from this entity. Sounds like the story of Joseph Smith, Jr. It is likewise reckless to believe the message of an unknown man who was never foretold by Almighty YHWH, who was not recruited by Christ and who was unknown to the Twelve.

    Saul delivered his own gospel, built his own foundation and asked the crowds to emulate him…not Christ. Big red flag!!! Just because some of his letters were canonized, does not mean they are God-breathed or inspired by the Holy Spirit. It just means that various men during the first millennium A. In closing, Christ did not tell the Twelve to look for a new super-apostle who was going to take things into a whole new direction. John, Apart from Paul, no gospel of grace exists 1 Corinthians Paul said Christ would judge the world by his gospel Romans 2. To reject Paul is like a Jew rejecting Moses.

    Paul received his gospel directly from the ascended, glorified Christ Galatians 1.

    Reward Yourself

    God gave Miriam leprosy for her arrogance. So, it can be dangerous to question the one whom God has chosen Romans It is true that the gospel of grace does not exist anywhere in Scripture, but only comes out of the mouth of Paul…so red flags should be waving and warning bells chiming. Please keep in mind that our Heavenly Father said He never changes and in the Prophets we are told that He judges people by their conduct and behavior. Christ backs this up emphatically and so do the Twelve. Once again, the wilderness wanderer Saul is way out on a limb…all by himself.

    In addition, there is no way Peter wrote the letters that are attributed to him. Please read the shameful Pauline plug interpolation found in 2 Peter , which has no business being there and it is not something Paul would have said. Almost all scholars agree on this point. As far as Saul receiving secret revelations from the risen Christ, while the Twelve were left out in the cold…does that actually make sense to you?

    Do you actually think this is how Christ would treat the Twelve — withholding knowledge from them and making them look foolish? Again, our Heavenly Father did not foretell of this man or of his ministry, Christ did not recruit this man or choose to mentor him, while the Twelve did not know him. We are told to test the spirits and to examine the fruit, and when we do, Saul is found wanting. Moreover, Christ warned the Twelve about those who would come claiming to see the Christ here and there and told them not to believe any of it, so why do you?

    After the Twelve and their disciples had passed on, spurious claims are difficult to refute.