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This romance spends most of the time in a dark place and allows that the power of love can heal all wounds, with time. Cheetah in Charge amps up the drama and adrenaline with evil in this story as well. This one never lets readers take a breath. Is that what you want? I added a fat tip and thanked her.

My litter-mates stood there frozen as I stormed out. Well, I would have if my body was working right then. Instead, I was stumbling all over the place and trying to keep upright. He lifted my arm over his shoulder and helped me walk.

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You hide it all so well that the younger litter has no clue that you even went through anything. I should not be in charge of anyone or have their lives in my hands. I shook my head and crawled into the cab, closing the door on their faces. Good man.

I stared out the window at the lights and glamour of Vegas and wished I was alone on a deserted island. At least that way I could choke on my memories and pain without hurting my family. I made it about halfway to the elevators I needed to ride to our rooms when lo and behold there was more family of mine in my face. I glanced over at Cam, the youngest of our litter, and blind, as he looked down at his shoes. What was there to say?

They were all standing around one private craps table.

And of course, it was all of them. Great, just fucking great. The problem was Shem, more than any of my siblings, pulled at my heart strings. Just tell us and let us share your pain and help you.

He dropped my arm as if I burned him. They all stood there with their mouths open in shock, so I took the advantage and booked it. The confrontation had been enough for me to sober up some. I pulled back the cheeks of his ass as I shifted, ready for the pleasure instead of the hurt serious talking could bring. Lining up my cock, I pushed over half of myself inside of him. I felt a thrill go through my body at the idea. Someone that was all mine.

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I thrust hard, my control gone, and bottomed out inside of him. I glanced at him and realized he had moved.

He was now sitting on the green, plush comforter with his legs spread wide as he stroked his cock. I really like to watch before I get in the mix. Him watching while pleasing himself moved up the erotic nature of our joining to another level. My hips started snapping harder than I ever thought possible.

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I was grunting, Merrick was grunting and then some, and I swear Logan was whimpering. If there was no other pleasure or stimulus, I was ready to blow just from the sounds Merrick was making under me. Seeing his sleek neck stretched out for me, with its corded muscles straining and his jaw ticking as I plowed into him, undid me. I licked once over the soft skin where his neck met his shoulder and sank my canines into him. I grunted as he came, his ass clamping down on me. I drank him down, feeling our mating bond snap into place before lifting my head and roaring out my release.

Series: Purrfect Mates

I pumped my seed deep into my mate as my hands convulsed on his hips from the intensity of my orgasm. His tight hold massaged my dick perfectly, milking everything I had to give him. Merrick groaned and squirmed as I gently licked my bite to close the wound. He shot all over his chest and even hit his chin. My whole body spasmed at the attention to my sensitive dick.


Logan crawled over when he was spent and kissed Merrick gently. I turned to Logan with a feral grin on my lips. He lay flat on his stomach, and I climbed behind him, straddling his thighs as I rubbed my claws gently over his ass. Logan went to push himself up, and I firmly kept him in place as I pressed the head of my dick past his tight ring.

I panicked and thrust hard into him to distract them from what I said. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Scorching. A Siren Erotic Romance. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Cover Art by Jinger Heaston. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Even though they destroyed some of the Hunters, Cass remains empty of feeling and full of nightmares.

The only remedies for these afflictions are his two mates-if he can let them in. Logan is a vampire thrown into a dilemma when he encounters Cass. He is thrilled to finally meet his mate, but that means he has to end a relationship with the man he has been dating for hundreds of years.

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Merrick Roman is the brother of the man that killed himself. He desperately wants everything to work with his new mate despite the horrible damage that was done to Cass prior to their meeting. Will Cass, Logan, and Merrick be able to overcome their problems and become true mates even with the danger of a new evil?