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We address health plan requirements in this way because health plans are often issued to a family member the employee , rather than to each individual member of a family, and therefore, health plans tend to communicate with the named insured rather than with individual family members. Requiring plans to accommodate a restriction for one individual could be administratively more difficult than it is for providers that regularly communicate with individuals.

However, in the case of domestic violence or potential abuse, the level of harm that can result from a disclosure of protected health information tips the balance in favor of requiring such restriction to prevent inadvertent disclosure. We have adopted the policy recommended by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in the Health Information Policy Model Act as this best reflects the balance of the appropriate level of regulation of the industry compared with the need to protect individuals from harm that may result from inadvertent disclosure of information.

Of course, health plans may accommodate requests for confidential communications without requiring a statement that the individual would be in danger from disclosure of protected health information.

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Comment : One commenter requested that we create a standard that all information from a health plan be sent to the patient and not the policyholder or subscriber. Response : We require health plans to accommodate certain requests that information not be sent to a particular location or by particular means. A health plan must accommodate reasonable requests by individuals that protected health information about them be sent directly to them and not to a policyholder or subscriber, if the individual states that he or she may be in danger from disclosure of such information.

We did not generally require health plans to send information to the patient and not the policyholder or subscriber because we believed it would be administratively burdensome and because the named insured may have a valid need for such information to manage payment and benefits. Many requested that we ensure the regulation adequately protects victims of domestic violence. They asserted that the concern for discrimination or stigma resulting from disclosure of sensitive health information could dissuade a person from seeking needed treatment.

Some commenters noted that many state laws provide additional protections for various types of information. They requested that we develop federal standards to have consistent rules regarding the protection of sensitive information to achieve the goals of cost savings and patient protection.

Others requested that we require patient consent or special authorization before certain types of sensitive information was disclosed, even for treatment, payment, and health care operations, and some thought we should require a separate request for each disclosure.

confidential communications

Some commenters requested that the right to request restrictions be replaced with a requirement for an authorization for specific types of sensitive information. There were recommendations that we require covered entities to develop internal policies to address sensitive information. These commenters further maintained that segregation of particular types of information could negatively affect analysis of community needs, research, and would lead to higher costs of health care delivery.

Response : We generally do not differentiate among types of protected health information, because all health information is sensitive. The level of sensitivity varies not only with the type of information, but also with the individual and the particular situation faced by the individual. This is demonstrated by the different types of information that commenters singled out as meriting special protection, and in the great variation among state laws in defining and protecting sensitive information.

Most states have a law providing heightened protection for some type of health information.

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However, even though most states have considered the issue of sensitive information, the variation among states in the type of information that is specially protected and the requirements for permissible disclosure of such information demonstrates that there is no national consensus.

Where, as in this case, most states have acted and there is no predominant rule that emerges from the state experience with this issue, we have decided to let state law predominate. The final rule only provides a floor of protection for health information and does not preempt state laws that provider greater protection than the rule. Where states have decided to treat certain information as more sensitive than other information, we do not preempt those laws. To address the variation in the sensitivity of protected health information without defining specially sensitive information, we incorporate opportunities for individuals and covered entities to address specific sensitivities and concerns about uses and disclosures of certain protected health information that the patient and provider believe are particularly sensitive, as follows:.

Covered entities are required to provide individuals with notice of their privacy practices and give individuals the opportunity to request restrictions of the use and disclosure of protected health information by the covered entity. Individuals have the right to request, and in some cases require, that communications from the covered entity to them be made to an alternative address or by an alternative means than the covered entity would otherwise use.

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Covered entities have the opportunity to decide not to treat a person as a personal representative when the covered entity has a reasonable belief that an individual has been subjected to domestic violence, abuse, or neglect by such person or that treating such person as a personal representative could endanger the individual.

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