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State Street is always a fun adventure, but if you want to catch some live music, check out Velvet Jones for the best live acts in town. Since real estate is at a premium here, if you haven't claimed your space by 10am, you may have to settle for laying out on the boulders instead of the sand. The shallow water stays relatively warm in the summer, so bring an inflatable to float on and enjoy the mountain air and relaxing beauty that abound at this fun wildcard of a nude beach.

Non-nude attractions: This beach is far from good food or other fun activities, so plan on bringing whatever you need to have a great day. This is the spot for healthy and delicious options. Heading south, you have to check out the Lucky Beaver because not only is the name fitting to this article, the food is damn good as well. Stay aware of your surroundings.

As you walk down from from the parking area on El Camino del Mar, go down the steps to the left of the signs and turn right at the bottom. Once on the beach, you'll be greeted with a fantastic views and a fairly rocky stretch of beach -- find the most comfortable spot, pop those pants off, and try to remember you're somehow within city limits.

Non-nude attractions: Uh, you're squarely in San Francisco -- there's no shortage of things to do once you pop those pants back on. The views are fantastic, whether you're looking out to sea or up into the hills at the legendary castle once owned by media overlord William Randolph Hearst. The Hearst family first purchased over 40, acres of this pristine coast in and William Randolph Hearst later inherited the estate, eventually owning , featuring a zoo and the huge castle with rooms that spans acres.

If you're a wine lover, make sure you visit one of the dozens of nearby wineries, including the likes of Jada Vinyard , Cambria Wines , and Hearst Ranch Winery.

Sir Michael Caine on why he's never done a nude scene | Daily Mail Online

Note that State Park rules apply, meaning nudity is only expressly permitted to the north end of the beach. Non-nude attractions: Half Moon Bay is home to the legendary big-wave spot Mavericks, so stop by Pillar Point to look out on the gladiator pit that has claimed the lives of more than a few brave surfers. San Mateo County Privately owned, no-hassle nude beach with a noted gay scene After the legendary Blacks Beach in San Diego, San Gregorio is the beach with the greatest safety, acceptance, and amazing topography -- but since it's privately owned, you'll have to pay for parking.

The huge shoreline offers many places to find some privacy among the warm sand and mysterious sea caves, but note that the adjacent State Park beach to the south is a no-go for nudity; keep yourself north of the beach access, or even further north if you're looking for the gay end. Also, beware of the various driftwood structures built by fellow nudists. Some folks have been known to use these as a love shacks, so maybe avoid that scene unless you want to get weird. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Share on Facebook Pin it.

Pirate's Cove Pismo Beach A hidden, mellow beach with a questionable piracy connection Despite its numerous rocky caves perfect for smuggling contraband or, more likely these days, getting ass-naked , Pirate's Cove doesn't actually have much of a piracy connection. More Mesa Beach Santa Barbara Small, quiet strip of shoreline with a reputation for tar balls Santa Barbara is a tale of two cities to say the least; one half is the picture of upper-crusty millionairedom, and the other is under 25 and occupies UCSB and the community college.

San Gregorio San Mateo County Privately owned, no-hassle nude beach with a noted gay scene After the legendary Blacks Beach in San Diego, San Gregorio is the beach with the greatest safety, acceptance, and amazing topography -- but since it's privately owned, you'll have to pay for parking. He takes it at face value.

Sir Michael Caine couldn't be bothered about nude scenes at his age

Did he see men in the movie business he thought were dodgy? And did he ever intervene? I could see what people were going to do when I left, if I left. But no one ever did anything in front of me. Because I was very pro-feminist, you know? Where did his own attitude come from? The thing about me and women is that I loved my mother.

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Very much. So every woman to me is about five per cent my mother. Caine is clearly still a bit old-school sometimes, but the sentiments in his book comes across as genuine. But then he has also been married for 46 years — ever since he saw Shakira in a coffee advert and tracked her down. It takes care of infidelity, which you do find in the movies.

Naked & Afraid: Celebrity Edition - SNL

Everybody does it. But not for Caine. He still relishes the glamour of his life as a movie star. When the meal finished, all the men had gone and I found myself sitting at this table with these women. There was Susannah York. There was my wife. There was Elizabeth.

Clark's Analysis of Nude Balances Real and Ideal

There was Raquel Welch. There was Grace Kelly. Caine played a prolific lover in Alfie, and was romantically involved on screen with women in many other movies, but their scenes were never explicit. I feel embarrassed at nudity. He still gets asked to undress — if not for the same reasons. Because the girls have got to be attracted to you. I was closer to a three-and-a-half! I did so much physical stuff in the Army that I was determined never to do anything physical again in my life.

Caine was born Maurice Micklewhite in Rotherhithe in , the son of a fish porter and a charlady. After all this time, how much of Maurice is left?

Nick Faldo's new girlfriend is ex topless dancer who's been wed six times - Mirror Online

I became a whole new person. I went away from poverty because I was rich. I went away from being working-class because I was an actor. My mum died, my dad died, my brother died. So I became me and that was it. A creation. And I stick to it.

I never had a conscience about being rich, because I took everybody with me. Just blood. His mother, Ellen, lived to see him achieve success, passing away in His younger brother Stanley was an actor in the Sixties, appearing in The Italian Job, but later became a writer. Stanley reportedly received a monthly allowance from Caine, who also paid for holidays.

He died in As for wives, Caine was married to actress Patricia Haines for seven years until their divorce in They have a daughter, Dominique. He married Shakira in — they have a daughter, Natasha, and three grandchildren, a boy aged ten and twins aged nine. What would his father have made of his success? He grimaces. We used to watch British films, they were always about the middle class with everybody talking like that, and they all looked a bit gay to us. During the Sixties, Caine famously shared a pad with Terence Stamp, and the pair of them were seen as the most glamorous of the new wave of working-class actors.

But when I mention Stamp, he frowns. We shared a house together for two years and then suddenly he went and I never heard from him again. Where is he? Is he retired?