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The jersey belonged to her Uncle Mike, and Aunt Laura gave it to her as a reminder of him after he passed away. Meanwhile, both my brother and Rachel are pretending to know more about hockey than they actually do and were starring in their own sports-themed comedy of errors.

Eventually, they figured it out… and by eventually I mean seven months later. However, once these two worked on their communication skills, they had a new favorite hobby to do together… and further proof that Uncle Mike really is watching over Haley. Your love makes us smile, makes us tear up with joy and makes us believe in the kind of love cynics would make you feel is impossible. Thank you for being an inspiration and my friends. Have you ever written or heard a truly great maid of honor speech? Please read our comment policy before you comment. Skip to content Find a Vendor.

Photo by Helena and Laurent. Most of the best Maid of Honor speeches start with the bride and end with the couple. Some details worth including are what the bride was like before she met the groom, and what she is like now that the groom is in her life. From seeing her laugh a lot more to noticing how much more she smiles now, these are details that the guests will love to hear. While it might be common sense for some, you will want to make sure that you know what not to say in a wedding speech.

Avoid talking about ex boyfriends or embarrassing stories where the bride got too drunk. As for preparing for the actual event, make sure that you rehearse the speech. Practice it in front of at least one person. Rehearsing a speech in a room alone is just not the same. It is even better to practice the speech in front of one of the bridesmaids.

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Keep practicing the speech. You do not need to memorize the speech, but the words in it should feel like second nature. If you are worried about your nerves during the actual wedding speech, you can try to focus your eyes on the bride.

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Seeing a familiar face as you speak can help to ease your nerves. Make sure that it is clear when the speech is over.

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These are just some tips when it comes to preparing a great speech. Read the sample speeches below for more inspiration. Once in a while, in the middle of an otherwise ordinary life, love bestows on us a fairy-tale, a romance that is true and pure. I have never seen another couple as in love as these two people here who have been married today and I am so honored to know and love them. Congratulations to you both and to the beautiful future that lays ahead of you.

Love is not always perfect, but when the right people are together, they will always fight to make it work. Nothing in the world can tear them apart. These two people sitting in front of me are the epitome of true love and I am so lucky to have been a part of this special day and bear witness to this proclamation of love. Let us toast to the happy newlyweds. Even then, I knew that she was someone special. She is one of the kindest, most generous people that I know.

And now, she is no longer a girl but a woman who has met her equal, another person in this world that is as deserving of her as she is of him. Together, they make a wonderful pair and I know that they will make each other so happy in their new life together. Over the years, we have laughed together, cried together, and had so many amazing memories. I am truly blessed to have someone like her in my life. I wondered what his intentions were. Was he good enough for such a unique and special person?

But don’t forget about her new hubby 😉

I soon learned that [groom] is just as amazing as [bride. They complement each other in the most perfect way. They are two twin souls that were destined to find each other. And I could not be happier for the two of them. It has been quite a day.


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An unforgettable, whirlwind of a day that celebrates the fact that two people fell in love. Not only do I feel privileged to know these two people, I also feel lucky enough to have witnessed the love they have for each other. Their love for one another has made them even better people than they were before. Together, they are even stronger. Congratulations to Mr. Anyone can be passionate, but it takes a real pair of lovers to be silly.

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  • When bride and groom are together, they let their guard down. Together, they are two of the goofiest people I know, and I mean that in the best way possible. They say that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

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    Many of us have been lucky to fall in love before. But real love is when you are able to fall in love with that same person over and over again. You are able to surprise each other in ways that are always new. And it is not always just good times that make you fall in love. With bride and groom, I see this kind of love. For all the time that they have spent getting to know each other, they still continue to fall in love as if they are still in the honeymoon stages.

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    That is real love. I know I am not alone when I say that it is a joy to see bride and groom fall in love with each other, day after day. The beauty of such a love is something that words cannot fully describe. So I end my speech by raising my glass to the bride and groom. Let us continue to witness and celebrate the remarkable love that this remarkable, beautiful couple shares.

    Thank you all for coming here. Some of you have traveled far and wide to be here today. Some of you drove and some of you even flew to all be in the same room today, all so we could celebrate the love of these two people who are beautiful both inside and out.

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    It is amazing to see all the people who love bride and groom in the same room as they embark on this new adventure together. When I first met [bride], I knew that there was something special about her. We were drawn to each other as friends and my life truly would not be the same without her. Over the years, we have shared some really great memories. But little did I know that something in her life was still missing.

    After she met [groom], it was as if something clicked. Ever since these two met, something has changed. She was strong before, but she is even stronger now. And while she was happy then, she is even happier with [groom] by her side.