Good Morning, Heartache

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What does Good Morning Heartache mean?

Photos - Videos - Shop. Contact Mary Black:. Why did I not notice that before? I wondered. I know the words to all these songs—have I really never considered what they mean? And what am I to make of them now? Love is always craving the beloved, with every bit of your energy and will. Alas, the craving is never satisfied, that being the nature of hunger. Instead the unfortunate lover is kept in a state of continual privation, looking for something good from his beloved but never getting it.

Love a wretch, and you should expect to be left wanting.

Diana Ross - Good morning heartache

Trevor sings without accompaniment. False confidence gets her through the first few bars, but her control—of the song, of herself—soon disintegrates, and the performance descends into a pathetic spectacle. Her life, such as it is, is plainly not her own; it belongs entirely to her awful lover, and to alcohol.

Two different sorts of cravings, with a multiplicative effect.

Good Morning, Heartache

There is an obvious parallel between the song and its singer, and the whole scene evokes a strong feeling of pity in the viewers for both. What a terrible state to be in, we think. What utterly impossible conditions for living.

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Illustrations by Claire Bidwell. The recording session took place on March 31, , a month after Holiday had learned that her father was dead.

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Clarence Holiday had also been a musician, a guitarist and banjo player, but he had never been much of a father. Billie was born when he was only 15 and her mother 13, and Holiday, Sr. She plucked the name Billie from one of her favorite actresses; her birth name was Eleanora. In the March 31st session, Holiday and her musicians recorded three songs. The third song Holiday et al. The song opens in a slow swing, with the piano and alto saxophone trading the theme back and forth across an extended introduction.

The saxophone does really seem to moan at times; it gives the theme a bluesy, plaintive sound without being too dramatic. The whole effect is reflective but understated. When Holiday begins to sing, it is with an openness and trueness that no other jazz singer matches.

Good morning heartache

And yet, like the musicians with whom she plays, she sings with a certain restraint. She rephrases the original melody down in lower notes sometimes, delaying climactic high notes or eliminating the ascent to climax altogether.

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She sings:. Moanin' low, my sweet man, I love him so, Though he's mean as can be.

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He's the kind of man needs the kind Of a woman like me. Tony Scott. Tenor Saxophone.

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Paul Quinichette. Charlie Shavers , Harry Edison. Supervised By. Norman Granz. Photography By. Herman Leonard.

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