Harpsichord Pieces, Book 1, Suite 2, No.7: Meneut

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Various Keyboard Works BWV - Recordings

Luca Has a Cadenza. Life is a Strange Instrument the most difficult and beautiful when played well. Rosa Discovers a Strange Instrument Finale.

String Quartet No. Nothing Shall Come of This. Another Political Experiment Gone Wrong. A Cubist Point of View. Citizens of the World! This is an instrumental re-working of a song that was not used from the Blake Song-Cycle of Composed for the Erie Saxophone Quartet after a request. String Quintet No. Both Sides of the Divide. Divide and Conquer. Composed for The Bass Quartet in Sicily after a request. A collaboration with fellow composer Robert Werhman. Dolce - In memory of Michael Burdett. Tranquillo - for Solo Piano. Tender - for Solo Guitar. Duet for Flute and Piano - Dedicated to William K.

Reflections Upon a Velvet Blue Lake. Frolicking in the Wilderness. Are You Much Given to Melodrama? Felicemente - Prudente. Change is Home. Being and Dissolve. Portland Bound. Victim of His Constructs. Elusive Truth. For Voice, Piano and Violin - The Genius of the Crowd [Voice and Piano].

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Counsel [Voice and Piano]. The Laughing Heart [Voice and Piano]. Vocalise [Voice and Violin]. These Things [Voice, Piano and Violin]. This 7-movement song cycle sets the poems of Charles Bukowski to music. Georgine Stark, soprano voice. Revised in September, Awake Humanity to Nature's Beauty! Prologue for guitar and piano. To Morning for soprano, guitar and piano — dedicated to Satoshi.

Memory, Hither Come for soprano and guitar. Innocence and Virtue Meet for soprano, guitar, piano and cello. A Cradle Song for soprano. Shifting Patterns - Hope for Peace. Circus Ride. Desperate for Love.


French Viola da gamba and Harpsichord Works

Children at Play. The Looking Glass. Sail Through Time. The Voice Brigade. Heaven's Door. Sonic Beauty. Owl's Wisdom. Overturn Tyranny's Rule. Loving Life. The Mixer. Mystic Rose. Joy Ride. Celestial Longitude. Cascading Bells.

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Sunsets for Dolls in Paradise. Dazzlingly Brilliant Shadows. Exit to China. Frozen Membrane. Intergalactic Flight. The Blue Horizon.

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Drifting Over Peaceful Valleys. Indigenous Jade. Wooden Shoes for Asia Minor. Herald in the New Year. Salvation Will Come Someday. Universal Perfection. Morning Wonder. Walking Down Cobbled Lanes. Violet Dreams.

Dancing Baroque Music

Elve's Playground. Exorcise Ghosts. Orange Strawberry Cakes. Strumming and Plucking for Two. Express a Tone. Glass Ruby Slippers. Ocean Waves 90 Feet High. Velvet Waves [Poem set to music]. Cascading Ventures. Star Reach.

Passion Play [Poem set to music]. Now Take on the Day. Bright Monday.

Mole Dance. This set of 51 works for synthesizer began with the idea of playing Finale musical scores through various timbres of the. Time Search on Venus Sands. Venus and Adonis.