Landscape and Building Design for Bushfire Areas

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Fit gate valves to all new tanks to use your pumping equipment. A 5hp 3. A general purpose petrol engine pump will work efficiently providing it has protection from the radiant heat to prevent fuel vaporization.

The causes of unprecedented bushfires are complex but climate change is part of the puzzle

House the pump in a readily accessible shed protected on the side of the house away from the most likely direction of a bushfire. If you have sufficient water supplies a sprinkler system can be extremely valuable in defending your home against bushfire. When designing a sprinkler system, be sure to use metal sprinkler heads. Metal pipes are best. If plastic pipes are used they must be installed 40 cm underground so they will not melt. Sprinklers should be positioned so that the water canopy will not blow away in high winds or evaporate.

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When planning a sprinkler system remember that fires are accompanied by high winds and high temperatures that can reduce the effectiveness of fine sprays. Keep the sprinklers operating until well after the fire has passed. Verandahs and balconies can be vulnerable areas of your home with their expanse of timbers open to spark and ember bearing winds.

Building in a bushfire prone area - BAL- FZ (Flamezone) - 32 Degrees Building

Sprinklers that spray up towards roofing on verandahs can help save your home. Consider sprinklers placed on the leading edge of guttering so the spray is blown down over the walls and windows and back onto the roof. Garden sprinkler systems on the windward side can aid your fire prevention effort. Placement around from North to South-West can help retard fire progress towards the house area. Fuel supplies and hazardous chemicals need to be stored in single purpose buildings in cleared areas isolated from other farm buildings.

A well designed and maintained garden can contribute significantly to your bushfire protection plan. The selection, location and maintenance of plants are an important part of this. The benefits include:. Maintaining a zone of fuel reduced vegetation around a building is a good fire prevention measure.

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  7. You need to regularly clean up and remove flammable plant debris before and during the fire danger season. Maintenance tasks include:.

    Given the right conditions all plants will burn but some plants are more flammable than others. A well-designed and maintained windbreak in a rural area will protect buildings from bushfires by:. All gardeners should be aware that some ornamental plants really take off when they get into the bush. Some do so well they choke out the natives, like blackberries, or become a fire hazard, like gorse.

    You can also contact your local Landcare or Bushcare Group Trees for Life for information on species that are indigenous to your area. They may even supply plants propagated from seeds collected locally. Basic Search Fields Search Term. Updated Thu 29 Jun at PM. Building in bushfire-prone areas.

    Keeping your home and family safe from bushfire involves many things. This includes choosing: where to build your home on your property the materials you use to build the design of your house landscaping. These can all be factors in defending your home during a bushfire. They can assist you by: Conducting fuel load assessments in your area Advising on appropriate fuel management techniques Advising on fire prevention issues.

    This can be achieved by: Fitting metal fly wire mesh or solid screens to spark proof the windows, doors, ventilators and skylights. Close in all openings in eaves and under-floor areas. Sealing all gaps in the roof area along the ridge cap gutter line and fascia board. Extending wall cladding on buildings and sheds to the ground.

    Sealing the flute spaces at the fascia board with fibreglass insulation or scribed flat metal with corrugated iron roofs. Tiled roofs require an appropriate fire rated insulation sarking immediately below the tiles. Roofing Most homes ignite when sparks or burning embers blow under tiles and start burning roofing timbers or accumulated litter.

    Underfloor Underfloor areas that are not enclosed allow sparks and embers to penetrate. Windows and vents Crevices where embers can collect are potential ignition points. Shutters Another form of active protection for your home are metal shutters. Metal shutters provide protection from radiant heat.

    Landscape and Building Design for Bushfire Areas

    They prevent windborne debris from shattering glass allowing sparks and embers to enter the building. Shutters can be quite expensive so consider installing them on the windows facing the most likely direction of fire. These may provide some protection from radiant heat. Be aware that although shutters increase your safety they do impede you from observing the progress of the fire once you have retreated inside your house. Ordinary blinds used to shade your windows may be an additional fire hazard as these are often made of flammable material and may actually trap sparks and embers.

    Water supply Reserve water supply If you rely on electric pumps to obtain your water supply from a bore, dam, swimming pool or overhead tanks under pressure you run the risk of having the power cut-off during a bushfire.

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    6. A supplementary water supply under pressure is essential, coupled to a diesel or petrol motor. Fire water supplies serve three main functions: For use by householders to control spot fires and hot spots in and around their properties. To supply CFS volunteer fire brigades involved in fighting the main fire. Make sure you always keep a water supply in reserve for firefighting.

      Pump and equipment A 5hp 3. Make sure the pump can be operated by any member of the family. Check the pump weekly during the Fire Danger Season to be sure it is fuelled and starts readily.

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      A key start ignition is ideal. Keep the pump in a readily accessible shed in a protected area on the side of the house. A portable water pump will ensure sufficient water pressure during a bushfire emergency. This book encourages design for bushfire to be included as a normal part of designing in bushfire-prone areas, rather than as an undesirable add-on.

      It will assist planning and building regulatory authorities to improve and administer regulatory requirements and guidelines. Evaluation of vegetation for use in landscaping.

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