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Christianity is not merely a specific religious system ranking with the Egyptian, Indian, Grecian, etc. Nor is it only a better system in dignity, purity, etc. It is more than the noblest solution of the riddle of the universe. Its striking peculiarity is that it is alive, while other systems are dead.

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There is much truth in the Vedastic ideas of God, in the Zoroastrian teaching about sin, in the Egyptian eschatology, in the Greek dramatists' views of moral government, in the Greek philosophers' thoughts concerning the chief good. But all these lack power to change the heart. Christianity does this. Christ struck the keynote when He wrought miracles — "mighty signs" of His spiritual work. The "might" of them was an indication of His power. He was "moved with compassion"; but His sympathy showed itself in energetic deeds of charity.

He promised that His exaltation on the cross should draw all men unto Him. Thus Paul writes of the Cross as "the power of God" 1 Corinthians When the apostles were "endued with power from on high" their preaching was effectual.

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The power of the gospel is seen by its effects in the great apostolic missions, in the regeneration of the Roman world and the creation of Christendom, in Christian law, literature, society, home life, and individual character, in missionary victories of modern times. He is the Truth John Errors are never lastingly powerful. When a false religion wins its way it is because of the truth mixed up with its errors.

Mohammedanism, e. If Christianity were false it must ultimately have failed. The truth of Christ is the first secret of His power; and the power of the gospel is a proof of its truth. Mere external success may not go for much, but success in spiritual regeneration cannot be begotten of a lie. Christianity is not merely powerful: it is powerful for good, and therefore cannot have been cradled in a delusion.

Christ is seen in self-sacrificing love. He wins by the attractions of His Person and character. General 2 of 6 56 Uniqueness of Christianity3 Play Download 1. General 3 of 6 57 Uniqueness of Christianity4 Play Download 0.

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General 4 of 6 58 Uniqueness of Christianity5 Play Download 1. General 6 of 6 60 Silence of Sisters Play Download 4. General 1 of 1 61 How to be born again Play Download Life changing. Isa 53 Orasuk, Peter? Play Download 8. Series 5 of 5 God's mighty hand: Creation vs. Evolution Play Download Series 3 of 10 Lord's Supper Play Download Series 4 of 10 Assembly: Headship Play Download Series 9 of 10 Assembly Discipline Play Download General 1 of 1 Genesis a Play Download Series 2 of 5 Prayer Play Download 9.

Series 3 of 5 Unity Play Download 9. Series 4 of 5 Restoration Play Download General 2 of 2 Assembly: Why Separation? Play Download 2. General 1 of 1 Exceeding Joy Play Download 4. Play Download 4. What are you looking for? Why did You forsake me?

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Why did You love me? All rights reserved. Sign In to Edit this Site. Coming to Christ. Download 11 MB. Assembly History.

Worship Part1. Download Worship Part2. Glory of God Part 1: Introduction. Glory of God Part 3: Holiness. Glory of God Part 4: Fruit-bearing. Glory of God Part 5: Relationship.

The Gospel Is More Powerful Than You Think

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It is Finished! Jonah and John. Without Equal. Saying "NO". Care-free, Careful, Caring.

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