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You guys brought it. I am so freaking proud of this collection! I can't wait for you to read it! If you love science fiction, you absolutely need to check out her books. So GOOD. Park Road Books. Everyone is welcome! Free to attend.

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Fiction Addiction. The guest list is insane , and I'm so psyched and honored to have been invited. These will be my last events for the rest of the year and probably most of next year , so please come say hello to me if you can! As for the rest of October.

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Stay tuned. Ex-cop turned builder Sam Carew helped to put him away, so when Kevin's daughter appeals for his help But needs must, and with few voice-over jobs in the pipeline, Vena takes on a few jobs for friends and family around the idyllic Stratford-Upon-Avon. But interior design leads her to violent threats and showing prospective buyers Orphaned as a young child, Emma Booth was raised by her grandparents in a Lancashire village.

When she stumbles across a letter written in from a certain Mrs Lizzie Booth, the revealing contents make Emma realize everything she believed is a lie — her widowed father had, b In separate locations in Leek, Staffordshire, three separate tableaux are being performed. DI Joanna Piercy is writing to her lover Matthew to try and explain recent events; her sidekick Mike Korpanski is filling in his insurance form after his wife has had a minor prang in the car; and an Please note, copies available are unused but the old editions Frankie Love, new to his profession as a ponce, seems to run his illegal life on strictly fair principles.

Ted Justice, recently appointed member of the vice squad, finds his upholding of the law complicated by love for Elliot Grubman is in trouble. One year ago he was worth over a hundred million dollars, earned from Swagbelly - 'the magazine for today's gentleman'. He had everything in the world - a wife, a young son, and a five-story New York townhouse.

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Now he's divorced, his boy won't talk to him, and Can you imagine a world where the Pope appears on Oprah to promote his latest book? Where mad cow disease could be used to counteract illegal immigration into the USA from Mexico? If you've ever wondered what Christopher Buckley's alternative New York Times bestseller list might look like, Callum Hughes has been labelled a killer and a psycho. He has been labelled by the press, by his classmates and most of all by the family of the boy he stabbed. Roger Gough has been labelled a victim.

He is described by everyone that the police question as a sporty, funny and p The dramatic theft of an 18th Century painting is discovered just moments before the old manor house uniquely depicted in the background of the portrait is set alight; coincidence? Does the reputation of the Baronet, the subject of the painting, as a hell-raiser and member of the Crustacea Liverpool Patsy Doyle is settling into her role as a live-in maid in the Tanner household, but her new job is not going as smoothly as she expected. A tense and contempoary thriller for those who love Minette Walters and Kathy Reichs, dealing with controversial psychological issues such as Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

Divorced and denied visiting rights to his seven ye Elena Rincon has everything going for her: money, a successful, attractive husband, a beautiful daughter and a luxury flat.

Despite all this, she is bored. Filling her days with endless glasses of whisky and numbing her senses with a steady intake of cannabis, Elena is in a rut. Vowing to She can't still be alive. Stephen Larkin is back in his native Newcastle. But he still feels dissatisfied, which is why he jumps at the chance to track down a child abuser with friends in high places. Now grown, she lives in a squatter shack on the mountain slopes, and commutes each day to her job as a lowly office clerk. She survives by paying bribes if she has to, and keeping silent when abused.

Always in search of a good story, Fizz Fitzgerald finds it hard to hide her impatience when elderly Mrs Sullivan is shown into her office. Genteel and motherly, Mrs Sullivan can only spell one thing: boredom. Fizz is more than shocked, therefore, when Mrs Sullivan asks Fizz to help prove h If Callie Anson thought life was going to be peaceful, she was dead wrong. After one particular stormy night, her flat is deemed unliveable and she finds herself moving in with the vicar, Brian Stanford, and his wife Jane; a woman who can barely hide her dislike of the woman curate.

When young Tilly Moran falls out with her elder sister, Alice, she decides it is time to fly the nest and moves from the family home in Chester across the Mersey to Liverpool. Always more determined and spirited than her staid sibling, Tilly is undaunted by the prospect of living alo LOVE Inc. But when the three girls collide in group counselling, they discover they have something else in common: they've each been triple-timed by the same Newly-promoted Inspector Ghote is thrilled to be granted casual leave until he takes up his post, as it allows him to spend time with his heav In , five tiny ships with men set sail from Plymouth.

At that time, Francis Drake had no idea that he was embarking on the greatest personal maritime adventure ever, nor that he would circumnavigate the globe. No mariner had attempted the feat for fifty years; no captain had ever s With her soldier husband Teddy away, a pregnant Nellie is forced to face alone the horrors of the blitz. Only when a bomb destroys the family home is she reunited with her younger s After being driven from home by their brutal father, the Willett sisters find themselves facing greater heartache in the wider world.

Every week, agents and publishers in this country receive hundreds of manuscripts from would-be authors.

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Of these, fewer than one per cent will make it into print. David Armstrong was one of the one per-centers, his first crime novel plucked from the slush pile at a major publisher and pub Moving between fast-paced modern-day London and Canada to the dangerous, double-crossing streets of war-time Lisbon, comes this thrilling mystery and intriguing love story from a brilliant new voice. When an old man strikes up a conversation with her on the steps of St Paul's Laura Ackroyd, the journalist girlfriend of DCI Michael Thackerary, becomes drawn into the plight of Jenny Holden and her daughter Anna when she writes an article about domestic abuse.

Suffering violence at the hands of her husband, Jenny takes flight to a women's refuge. But her dreams of She was his muse and his mistress, his most enduring obsession and the inspiration for his most original play. But the night before she was to perform the leading ro What could make a successful, happily married man take a gun and shoot himself? What made a young artist on the brink of fame throw himself to his death?

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Neither victim left a note behind to e Born in , joined at the chest and sharing a stomach, Chang and Eng were the original Siamese twins. This is their amazing story - a story that follows them from the royal court of Siam, through their working lives as the most famous freaks in the world and finally to small-town America In the rundown northern town of Unsworth, the only thing the locals can celebrate is a victory by Unsworth Town FC.

Sam Carew, an ex-cop-cum-brickie, is starting work in the family firm with his father, Ernest. All is going well until Sam's father is found dead on the building site, one of Worried about what to do in the event of zombie uprising? Well, worry no more! Using his expertise gathered from years of research via films and Wikipedia, the world's leading errr, only Zombologist, Dr. Dale, has compiled this rigorously researched A-Z list of everything you need to kn Livia is set to marry Jack and her sisters are, for the moment, settled on Todd Farm.

Livia also wants to bring back to life the neglected family business: is she prepared to jeopardise her future li What drove Harold Shipman to murder over of his elderly patients? Why did Beverly Allitt kill the babies in her care? This book examines the formative influences and careers of British, American and European doctors, nurses, dentists and paramedics. Going beyond the usual killers-on Margot is a furiously ambitious woman and director of new drama series, All Fired Up.

Fed up with her parents and all their ridiculous rules they keep a binder full of them , fifteen-year-old Kendra Bishop writes away to The Black Sheep, a reality TV show that offers the chance to swap families with another teen.

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But when the camera crew, led by brash TV producer Judy Gree The lone swimmer, turning over now to switch to a perfectly executed back crawl wasn't a man. It was a woman, a girl. It was Catherine. Of course it was Catherine. Fifteen-year-old Catherine Quick longs to strike out into the warm waters of her Australian home just as she's done sin Thomas Chayne has never managed to impress his overbearing father, and when a small act of rebellion has lasting consequences, Thomas finds himself exiled in disgrace.

But with England on the brink of civil war, a larger revolution is in the air and Thomas has an opportunity to prove Lawyer-turned-writer Nic Gabriel is stunned when womanising Dylan Rees, his host at a champagne reception at the Houses of Parliament, is knifed by an ex-girlfriend and bleeds to death in front of him. In pursuit of a private vendetta, the young Niccolo Machiavelli leaves his beloved Florence in the grip of the fanatical friar, Savonarola, and travels to Rome only to be lured into the service of the Borgia Pope Alexander VI and his power-hungry son, Cesare.