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A few sailors commented on their level of tiredness when they came ashore but spare a thought for the race committee or the umpires who, rather than being involved for half the flights, were on the water for ALL the races. That meant the first to 4 final was a humdinger. At one point when one team put in a completely unexpected manoeuvre the umpire boat had to make a swift exit at high power leaving one umpire flat on his back on the bottom of the RIB with the only evidence of his presence being a blue flag being waved above the sponson and the loud screech of a whistle signalling the penalty that caused the RIB to move.

Seawolf from Shenzhen eventually ran out the worthy winner 4 points to 2 but it was a hard and fairly fought victory where at times the tables could have easily been turned. A real sharpening up process for the eventual winner. There followed a prizegiving on the dock for what would could be called the local equivalent of the Louis Vuitton or Prada as the job was only half done with all that had been won was the right to go up against the defender.

That defender, by the way, spent the whole afternoon on the spectator boat moored just off the race track observing the action with more than a little passing interest. They knew they would have to be on his mettle to defend their title. So the Seawolf team next year will have the same challenges as defender to ensure they stay on the money against what will be a more practiced challenger.


As the Chief Umpire, John Rountree stated, the quality of the match racing across the fleet rises year on year and he should know, he has been coming to this event for six years now. In the upwind photo attached Seawolf are actually behind and mark roundings were pretty tight affairs. Lots of smiles on sailors faces winners and losers which is what it should all be about — roll on next year! After 19 years in publication, Sailing Anarchy has remained true to its roots as a community oriented, edgy sailing publisher.

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