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The one nozzle three port system has been shown to be more reliable and effective than the more standard single or two nozzle systems. We've increased the luxury aspect and added a wireless remote control to Bliss BB No struggling to see of which the selection buttons anymore.

A Prior Engagement

Wonderfully simple to use, we just know you'll love it. At the touch of a button, the built-in motor repeatedly extracts and retracts the nozzle while water flows over the nozzle. It's commitment from Bio Bidet to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability and reliability.

The Bliss series by Bio Bidet has taken the bidet industry by storm!

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Initial feedback has been raving about the features and functions of the Bliss series but what does it all mean? We took the liberty of breaking down the top 3 best features of the Bliss bidet so that it becomes easier to understand why the bidet market is in a frenzy over this product. Possibly one of the most important features on the Bliss bidet is the new Hybrid Instant Heating System.

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This heating system uses both tank heating technology and instant heating technology to achieve your exact desired temperature instantly without fluctuation. With instant heating systems, cold water runs through a very short coil and it is in that split second where the water runs through that coil that the water must be heated to your selected temperature. This results in an initial cold shock of water and a high possibility of a fluctuation in temperature. This places much less stress on the heating system and also provides an unvarying stream of warm water.

The feminine wash was always a common complaint with bidets. The feminine wash on the Bliss series has been significantly improved by changing the nozzle port altogether. Instead of the usual cluster of pin-sized nozzle holes, the Bliss feminine wash nozzle hole is a single, horizontal port.

Blissful Blackhead Extractions

The resulting water flow is more voluminous, covers a wider area for cleaning, and much gentler than what results from pin-sized nozzle holes. The posterior and enema wash have also been improved. The posterior wash nozzle hole is a large diameter than the enema wash so that the resulting spray is more vigorous without feeling sharp.

Now It's Even Easier To Shop In Germany!

The enema wash nozzle hole has been optimized for a concentrated water spray to help assist with bowel movements. State-of-the-art laser cutting technology cuts each nozzle hole at an angle for a wider wash. We got creative with ways to easily maintain the cleanliness of your bidet in more ways than one. First, the nozzle tip. The nozzle is the part on the bidet that comes into closest proximity with dirt and debris. Although bidets are designed to never come into actual contact with you or debris, it can happen due to splashing.

Some bidets have removable nozzle tips so that homeowners can manually remove the tip and clean out any obstructions while other bidets do not offer this option. Bidets self-clean by briefly flushing water over the nozzle before and after each use. Our CleanSurge feature makes it possible so that with the touch of a button, the Bliss bidet will initialize a thorough self-cleaning process. As water flushes over the nozzle, the nozzle moves in and out of the housing rapidly to completely rinse off any build-up and debris.

An exclusive built-in belt assists the nozzle assembly to make this rapid movement without jamming or getting stuck. There are many other features on the Bliss series bidets that contribute to their enthusiastic welcome in the bidet market. With each use, the Bliss bidet will become more and more invaluable to your daily living. Not coated, not dipped, not sprayed. We've used pure, solid steel for the Bliss model nozzle casing. Pure stainless steel is extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear, and effortlessly cleaned.

Save time and work, and. We paired the new inside-out nozzle cleaning system with our unique Auto-Clean mechanism, which flushes all impurities from the nozzle easily and quickly. Water flows through the nozzle at high pressure, flushing out any water minerals and debris. Bliss comes fitted with our exclusive nozzle wash system. Just 20 seconds thoroughly sanitizes every part of the Bliss nozzle system, with no extra effort from you. Patent pending single-turn nozzle changer will remove your worry when guests stay over.

This new feature lets you change the nozzle easily and securely within seconds - no prying, no pulling, no headache. The nozzle tip comes pre-fitted with this exclusive self-cleaning mechanism for thorough cleaning, inside and out.

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This Bliss nozzle is motor-driven. This makes it reliable, super accurate and absolutely consistent in movement. Even better, you have full control over the water pressure. A great feature of the Bliss series is our assisting nozzle guide belt, which controls the nozzle's Auto-Clean mechanism. One of the bidet industry's most talented R and D team developed each miniscule detail using today's' most advanced and brilliant technology to create the Bliss bidet system.

Only the most ideal parts were source to construct each aspect of the Bliss system, inside and out. Picture a stream of ice cold water flowing through an instant heating coil that is only a few inches long. It is during that split second when the water passes through the coil that it must be heated to your desired temperature.

This type of technology is risky, it uses vast bursts of electricity, the dependability fluctuates, and you almost always get a cold shock of water before it gets warm. With a built-in tank, a bidet can store water at the desired temperature so it is ready to use instantly. The water is the perfect temperature from the start to end but can only last for as much as the tank can hold. Both types have benefits and drawbacks, so we developed a new Hybrid Heating Technology that utilizes the best features from both instant heating and tank heating technologies and eliminates all of the disadvantages.

Nobody wants a power-jet in a bidet, but a trickle of water is just as bad. You need a cleansing experience that is both gentle but still maintains its effectiveness. That is why we invested in ways of making a gently forceful water stream and came up with the Aeration Method.

Our built-in motor pump infuses air bubbles into the incoming water to soften the outgoing water stream. It is a unique loudspeaker, capable of creating a fabulous listening experience. The state of art full range drivers combined with very effective backloaded horn enclosure, resulting in a real blissful experience.

The modern, elegant design and high-quality black or white piano finish make them a beautiful addition to any home. All drivers and loudspeakers are hand assembled in Poland. Reviewers say - "Next to the phenomenal presence and lucidity, the other great strength is this immodest box has quasi-holographic sound staging. If not there is a superb photograph showing exactly that. There is so much in this book that it would take a book to describe every topic and feature contained within its pages.

If ever you are stuck in doors on a wet and windy day and need to be transported to sunnier places simply dip into the book. If you are someone that yearns for the past then the myriad of old photographs will quickly transport you back to times when life was simpler. The only puzzling thing about this book is that it was first published in and has been a hidden treasure for three years. Thankfully through the media it has now hit the headlines and awoken people to its existence.