The Weird Sisters

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Bean, the middle sister, is a promiscuous attention seeker. Cordy, the youngest, simply refuses to grow up. An excuse to be needed.

Sabrina hangs the weird sisters.

The father is a casual lover, already discarded. Cordy starts waitressing at the local coffee shop, whose scruffy and effusively sympathetic owner has had a crush on her since high school.

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The Andreas family and the town of Barnwell appear to exist in a predigital world without terrorism, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Great Recession, serious unemployment, even popular culture or politics of any kind. The only other use of the word witch in the text of the play occurs when a "witches' mummy" is mentioned IV.

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  6. The word weird , as has been said, was taken into modern English from Macbeth. Its significance, however, has not been understood. The word in its present use is an adjective, and has a range of meaning indicated by the words wild, mysterious, uncanny, unearthly, ghostly; weird in Macbeth was vaguely felt to express this combination of ideas. In the Scotch dialect of English the word has not died out, and retains the older meaning, fate, destiny. Back to William Shakespeare. In Chaucer we find these lines: "But O, Fortune, executrice of wierdes [fates, destinies].

    The following passage from Holinshed will especially concern us: "It fortuned as Makbeth and Banquho iournied towards Fores, where the king then laie, they went sporting by the waie togither without other companie, saue onelie themselues, passing thorough the woods and fields, when suddenlie in the middest of a laund, there met them three women in strange and wild apparell, resembling creatures of elder world , whome when they attentiuelie beheld, woondering much at the sight, the first of them spake and said; All haile Makbeth, thane of Glammis for he had latelie entered into that dignitie and office by the death of his father Sinell.

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    So foul and fair a day I have not seen. How far is't call'd to Forres? What are these So wither'd and so wild in their attire, That look not like the inhabitants o' the earth, And yet are on't?

    Live you? You seem to understand me, By each at once her chappy finger laying Upon her skinny lips: you should be women, And yet your beards forbid me to interpret That you are so. Speak, if you can: what are you? In Holinshed, it is 'shortlie after' the three women meet the two warriors that the king honors Macbeth by making him thane of Cawdor. If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow and which will not, Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear Your favours nor your hate.

    Technically, the Weird Sisters are all orphans who were raised as sisters.

    The Weird Sisters: A Romance. Volume 1 (of 3) by Richard Dowling - Free Ebook

    Prudence is the obvious leader, Dorcas is the obvious follower, and Agatha has the most purely evil streak. Though they're probably loathe to admit it, the Weird Sisters' brand is hardly original. The Weird Sisters of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stem from a long line of other witches in literature and pop culture who group themselves in threes, dating all the way back to ancient mythology.

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    Both Greek and Norse mythology feature a trio of witches who determine the course of a person's life using a cosmically important thread: One witch unspools the thread, one measures, and one snips. The Fates, as these witches are called in Greek mythology, appear in the Underworld in Hercules.

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    In Norse myths, these arbiters of destiny are the Norns. Examples of the witch trio are all over modern pop culture, too. The Charmed Ones in Charmed , both the original show and the current CW reboot, are comprised of three witches. When Prue Shannon Doherty died on the original Charmed , her two sisters conveniently discover they have a secret half-sister Rose McGowan who can join their coven.


    There is no summoning "the power of three" if there are only two witches. Whosit, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which in A Wrinkle in Time. Often, witch trios are representative of the cycle of life.