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The white dragon : Volume III of the dragonriders of Pern

Del Rey, Softcover. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. White Dragon Mccaffrey, Anne. New Quantity Available: 5. Seller Rating:. Published by Del Rey. New Paperback Quantity Available: Seller Image. Qwestbooks Philadelphia, PA, U. Published by Del Rey Published by Penguin Random House.

After this, he spends some time with Corana, and then returns to Ruatha Hold. In the evening, Ruth complains of stomach pains, and Jaxom realises he forgot to get Ruth to expel the firestone ash. Ruth ultimately disgorges it in their chambers, but Jaxom is able to clean up the mess before anyone can catch him. Attempts to retrieve it from Southern Weyr fail when the location is found to be deserted, but a mysterious figure returns it to Benden Weyr not long afterwards, unharmed, but at least ten days older.

Lessa demands retaliation, but Robinton talks her out of it by mentioning that this would set Dragon against Dragon. A few days later, Jaxom finds Ruth angry at the fire lizards lingering around him, and learns that they supposedly saw him taking Ramoth's egg. After pressing Ruth for more information from the fire lizards, Jaxom concludes that the fire lizards actually saw Ruth returning the egg.

The White Dragon Pern 3 Anne Mccaffrey

After first traveling to the Great Dunto River to disguise themselves with the mud from the river, Jaxom and Ruth use the fire lizards' images to time it back to where the Oldtimers are keeping the egg. They retrieve it and make their way through time to their training point in Keroon , only to realise Thread is falling. In their rush to leave, both Jaxom and Ruth get minor Threadscores, but they manage to return the egg to Benden Weyr. After traveling to the Ice Lake and washing off their mud disguise, Jaxom and Ruth return to Ruatha Hold to get numbweed.

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Lytol arrives not long afterwards and quickly recognises the injuries for what they are, but simply says he needs to learn how to avoid Thread in future before taking him upstairs to meet with Robinton, Menolly and N'ton, where Lytol requests Jaxom be allowed to join the weyrlings at Fort Weyr. Following this, Robinton talks with them about a number of issues, including the impending death of Fanna , the Oldtimer Weyrwoman of Ista Weyr , and the discovery of ancient artifacts in the Southern Continent.

Eventually, he takes Menolly to attend the Hatching of Ramoth's clutch, and in the aftermath, he ends up attending a meeting between the assembled Lord Holders, Craftmasters and Weyrleaders, where Ista Weyrleader D'ram reveals he is planning to step down as Weyrleader when Fanna dies, and will invoke an old custom to choose his successor, the riders involved in the next queen Dragon mating flight will replace him.

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The next day, F'lar discovers that D'ram is missing, and rushes to the Harper Hall to retrieve Robinton. F'lar guesses that D'ram hasn't suicided, but has instead timed it back to a location, and Robinton remembers that he once described in detail the cove he and Menolly discovered to D'ram, and they assume that may be his location. Jaxom and Ruth quickly travel between times and locate a sleeping D'ram, so they return to their own time to retrieve Menolly and report to Benden Weyr. At Benden Weyr, Jaxom suddenly becomes exhausted from the effort of timing it, and they decide to make him and Ruth spend the night at the Weyr.

Lessa briefly becomes alarmed when she recognises Jaxom's Threadscore injury, but F'lar manages to calm her down, and ensure that Jaxom won't repeat the feat that caused it. Not long afterwards, F'lar reveals to Jaxom that they have a secret plan to settle the Southern Continent with dragonriders before anybody else, so that they'll be able to support the Weyrs without having to resort to tithing.

Jaxom prepares to return to Ruatha Hold, but instead goes to Plateau Hold, where he and Corana make love; Ruth sharing their feelings. The next day, Jaxom is remorseful at his act, and isn't sure if he wants to continue being Corana's lover, although Ruth abruptly reveals that he knows Corana enjoyed their love-making; he could sense her thoughts while they were together. Later that day, while drawing an image of the cove on the Southern Continent, Jaxom is told by Lytol that he's been invited to fight Thread with Fort Weyr.

Lytol notices the image before leaving, and obliquely gives Jaxom permission to return to the cove to improve the image, so Jaxom decides to head there after the fall. Despite having developed what seems to be a cold, Jaxom heads to Fort Weyr, and ends up flying with the Queens' Wing. In the aftermath, despite feeling sick, he decides to take Ruth back to the cove on the Southern Continent.

A long time later, Jaxom wakes and finds himself being treated by Brekke and Sharra , a sister of Toric. As he recovers, he learns that he was sick for sixteen days and nearly died, but Ruth saved him by calling for help when he initially collapsed at the cove.

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In addition to this, he begins falling in love with Sharra. Lytol is eventually brought to see him, and he hugs Jaxom when he sees he's alive.

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The others warn him that his Dragon Salth is too old and will likely die trying to catch Caylith , but he isn't concerned. He then reveals that the situation at Southern Weyr is bad; all the female dragons are either dead or too old to rise, and the males are suffering as a result.

Unfortunately, Jaxom is also looked down upon by his fellow lords, and by other riders as well. His dreams of joining the dragonriders in defending Pern are dismissed.

What else can Jaxom and Ruth do but strike out on their own, pursuing in secret all they are denied? But in doing so, the two friends will find themselves facing a desperate choice—one that will push their bond to the breaking point. She was the first woman to win the two top prizes for science fiction writing, the Hugo and Nebula awards.

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She was… More about Anne McCaffrey. I remember the first time I went to visit her, when she was still living in her old, much smaller but very homey, house.

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